Google Earth

Google Maps

Sharing Places Information – Google Earth User Guide
Google Earth Outreach – Tutorial: Creating an Immersive User Experience

Using Google Earth
YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

Google Earth kmz Placemark files

Using GPS Devices with Google Earth- Google Earth User Guide

Google Earth Blog: Google Earth Files – KML/KMZ

Google Earth Community: kml editor

KML Developer Support | Google Groups

YouTube – Google Maps: Create Personalized Maps
Official Google Maps API Blog: KML and GeoRSS Support Added to the Google Maps API

KML Tutorial – KML – Google Code
Developer’s Guide – KML – Google Code
KML FAQ – KML – Google Code

jEdit – Programmer’s Text Editor – overview

How to use a Garmin GPS with your Mac –

GARMIN: MapSource Unlock – Receive Unlock Code

GPSBabel: convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map programs

Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone: Introduction to Safari Web Content Guide for iPhone
Marketcircle: iPhoney
Technical Note TN2218: Compressing QuickTime Movies for the Web
Design Your iPhone Widgets – Tutorials 2.0
iPhone Dev Center
iPhone Web App Example Code
How To Create a Horizontally Scrolling Site – CSS-Tricks
Write Web Pages for the iPhone – Tips to Design Web Pages that Work on Small Screen Mobile Devices
Podcasting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Video/Imaging Tools

Locative Media Apps
mscape – You Are Here.

JotYou™ – Location Based Mobile Messaging

Creative Commons

Royalty Free Media

Walking Arts:

Interview with Duncan Speakman » locative media » walks

Silver Island Bunker Trail: locative new media environmental art
Bio Mapping – Christian Nold
GPS Drawing

walking in place

Bloomsday 2008 : 1000 Joyce Walks
Joyce Walks because somewhere sometimes it’s always bloomsday

Trains Are…Mint 4 page 1

U B U W E B – Film & Video: Alexander Hammid

New York Songlines

Life: a user’s manual

One mile from home

Janet Cardiff – Walking Tours

Hamish Fulton : Walking Artist

Waag Society » Project » Amsterdam Realtime
University of St Andrews: Walking Art
MOON RIVER: Psychogeography

Matt Blackett’s photoblog
Walking Fort Bragg

Walking Philosophy

she sees red: more bike-riding psychogeography stuff

Locative Media Blogs:

empty streets » cartography
Psy-Geo Provflux

provflux v

Reframing Maidstone
Social Fiction:: No Fratsen
Spatial annotation projects / Timo Arnall
Locative Media
Google Maps Mania: It’s Friday – It’s Google Maps Fun

The Place of Social Media

Mobile Audience

Social Networks:

Plazes – Right
Plaze, Right Time
Waymarking – A scavenger hunt for unique and interesting locations in the world

Tagzania: tagging the planet

Seero – Putting Video on the Map

DiscoverMachine – Create and share maps! :: mobile social software

ZeeMaps – make your own map, build interactive maps, create a map with photos, videos, more


Pedestrian Culture
Blast Theory | Can You See Me Now?

walking as knowing as making
Wi: Journal of Mobile Media » Blog Archive » Spatial Dissonance, Subjective Imagination and Locative Media: An Interview with Paula Levine
Locative Media :: Resources

Urban Art – Intute: Arts and Humanities
The Mobile City

Wrights & Sites

about « provflux v

The Organic City

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