Posted by: wluers | October 20, 2008

Site template for the iphone


(go to View- Page Source to grab the html)

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Posted by: wluers | October 3, 2008

First Assignment

I just updated the first assignment description with directions to include a map of your walk in your blog.

Assignments « Narrative Walks

Posted by: wluers | October 1, 2008

Opening talk

Hi there. Please check this blog for notes from me. Anything really important I will, of course, email to you. But here is where I will make some comments and provide links that should be of interest to you as you complete assignments and the final project.

Below is a pdf document of my talk about locative media, if you are interested.

Please get your blogs up!  I want to be able to list them in my blogroll to the right. If you are having trouble, please see me.

See you in class.