Story Map

Assignment #2 (10%) – Due Monday, Oct. 13th

Story Map:

Taking a walk is like telling a story. There is a starting point, a path and an end point. A story can be told in many different ways as a walk can be experienced in many different ways. There are various styles and genres of storytelling. Time of day, season, climate, the pace of the walker will make no single walk the same.

In this assignment, you will use Google Maps to map a walk (using placemarks and lines) and then narrate a story (using any combination of text, graphics, photos) in the description boxes of 5-10 separate placemarks.

Please post your completed story maps on your blog.

In the drift assignment you discovered how a self-imposed constraint strategy forces you to look at your environment in new ways. Constraint strategies in storytelling can be equally generative. Look at the constraint strategies below and either choose one for your story map or come up with your own.

  • Memory walk: Find a place in Google Maps where you once lived (ie. your hometown). Plot out an event, anecdote or an experience from you past.
  • Random walk: Find a random urban area on the earth. Do a google image search and plot a fiction story based on a selection of images you find.
  • Mock Tourist walk: Choose an unlikely vacation destination and plot a walking tour for virtual tourists.
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