Workshop 2 “Narrative Walks”

Fine Arts – 435
Interactive Media
MW – 4:15-6:45pm
MMC 103

Course Instructor: Will Luers

Contact Information:
September 29-October 31, 2008



Mobile and locative media, along with the geoweb (Google Earth, Google Maps, etc.) has spawned new art forms that connect the physical to the virtual. In this segment of Interactive Media, we will focus on designing/authoring walks using video, audio, GPS devices and mapping tools. Looking at historical examples of “walk art” – from haiku walks to psychogeographic drifts to contemporary locative media artworks – we will examine the relationships of body, place and the virtual. As locative media artists, how might we engage, agitate and/or intensify these relationships? How might storytelling techniques, such as suspense and dramatic arcs, connect “points of interest”?  How can we incorporate elements from computer games – spatial navigation, puzzles and goals – into our walk experiences?

Selected readings, short assignments and class discussions will help students “navigate” this very new field of media design. Students are expected to contribute to their own blogs regularly with assigbment work, as well as ideas and responses to readings. Final projects will be for groups to design a locative experience using sound, image, text and video.
Materials: Personal media tools, such as pocket cameras, video cameras, 3G phones and GPS devices (optional)

Short Assignment #1: Drift (10%)

Short Assignment #2: Story Map (10%)

Short Assignment #3: Locative Game Proposal (10%)

Final Project (50%)
1. Present idea to class (10%)
2. Blog progress (10%)
3. Walk project (30%)

.Blog Posts: (20%)


Class Schedule

Monday, September 29



Tools: Blogs/Flickr/Youtube, etc.

Read: Walking the City

Blog: reflect on reading


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Discuss “Walking in the City”

GPS overview

Google Earth: pushpins and polygons

Read: Theory of Derive, The Street,  Manifesto for a New Walking Culture

Assignment: Drift


Monday, October 6

Discuss Drifts

Film clips: ethnography of the everyday

Tools: Video

Explore: Patalab, 7 Maps, Croma

Blog: respond to online projects


Wednesday, October 8

Designing fictional/narrative walks

Film clips – cinema and the city

Tools: Designing for iPhone and mobile devices

Read: Narrative Archaeology

Explore: 34 North 118 West Project, 29 steps, And While London Burns

Assignment: Story Map (due Monday)


Monday, October 13

Discuss Story Maps

Locative Journalism

Tools: Geotagging and social networks

Read: Blast Theory, Plundr. Wherigo

Blog writing: blog responses to online game projects


Wednesday, October 15

Narrative vs. Games

Designing locative games

Tools: Geodelic and other mobile applications

Assignment: Locative Game Design

Groups: present ideas to class


Monday, October 20

Discuss game design ideas

Final projects – present ideas


Blog writing: project report


Wednesday, October 22

Final projects

Blog writing: project report


Monday, October 27

Final projects

Blog writing: project report


Wednesday, October 29

Groups present final projects